Medico - the Spa Bath

Do you love to be pampered? Discover the next level of balneology and rehabilitation.

You don’t  have to necessarily be a loner to enjoy a comfortable bath in Medico spa bath for one. A sophisticated whirlpool of modern design with smartly  placed jets invites for regeneration after challenging sports activities or hard days spent in the office chair.

Choose from three designs - Medico, Medico Silk and Medico Hydro.


Relaxation in the whirlpool actually takes place on many levels.

The effects of pearls will help with complete recovery of your body and mind.

  •  physical massage improves blood circulation
  •  removes total body pain
  •  acts anti-stress
  •  cures insomnia
  •  reduces the symptomps of arthritis
  •  protects against cellulite and helps fight overweight
  •  releases hormones of happiness and increases sexual appetite

If you relax properly, it is simply a perfect bath improving every aspect of your life.

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Medico Silk

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